As PR professionals, we’re always up to try new services designed to improve the effectiveness of our communications.  We use mobile phones, email, audio services, video, desktop conferencing and traditional meetings.

All of these a la carte solutions are great, but there hasn’t been a one-stop solution that’s been a breakaway favorite… until we met the folks at  For the first time, you have unmatched audio and video desktop communications for less than the cost of three Starbucks’ coffees.   The company’s VuRoom service is so easy to install and use that a child could do it. We’ve had video chats with individuals in Asia Pacific, Europe and the U.S., smoothly as watching TV.

VuRoom is ideal for up to 8 users but the beauty of ViVu is their engineers also created the first multi-video conferencing services for major events and meetings.

On July 28, the  8th annual AlwaysOn & STVP Summit at Stanford 2010 used ViVu’s VuCast videoconferencing platform to reach more than 10,000 attendees watching online. ViVu streamed HD-quality video of the two-and-a-half-day summit, which featured more than 100 speakers, representatives from the region’s most innovative companies, eminent technologists and influential investors. ViVu showed off some brand-new technology itself — the industry’s first live videoconferencing platform over the iPad.

Check it out here:

We encourage you to sign up for VuRoom and use it in place of phones, email, etc.  It will truly facilitate your business dialog, reduce your email and build better relationships. And the next time your boss tells you to host the annual customer, sales or tradeshow event…..try VuCast and you won’t look back!