(Image by F. Muhammed  from Pixabay)

Buildings are energy wasters.

70 percent of the world’s electricity powers buildings. 60 percent of that energy goes to waste.

This is costing businesses globally billions of dollars.

Verdigris is on a mission to solve that problem with the industry’s most advanced AI-based smart building management platform that optimizes energy consumption for organizations. The company’s proprietary technology combines hardware sensors, machine learning, and software to “learn” the energy patterns of a building and provide real-time data that lets businesses track energy usage and trends.

Verdigris ultimately provides critical energy information to identify and rectify waste, and can even predict future breakdowns that can save organizations tens of thousands of dollars per year. Verdigris has reduced energy spend for customers by 20-50% while helping them meet mandates for energy reduction and achieve carbon reduction goals.

Some of the world’s most recognized companies including T-Mobile, Verizon, and Nvidia have turned to Verdigris to combat wasteful energy usage and spending.

Want to learn more about Verdigris, watch this video or visit www.verdigris.co.