With so many social media outlets out there today, people relatively new to the social media phenomenon may find themselves overwhelmed.

Luckily, Douglas Wray posted “Social Media Explained” to his Instagram. Using a doughnut as inspiration, the role of each social network is explained in its most primitive form. The tongue-in-cheek definitions outline the basic premise for each site so that even a social media newbie can understand.

The photo went viral across Facebook, Twitter, blogs and eventually on major sites like Business Insider.

Is there a PR lesson to be learned here? Perhaps.

Maybe the idea that breaking something down into “the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions” (Thank you, Anthony Michael Hall) can be much more easily understood than a long drawn-out explanation.

As PR pros we sometimes have just seconds to garner the attention of a writer, editor or producer. It is what we say or write in those first few seconds that sometimes determines whether or not our pitch is accepted.

So perhaps we should take the words of Bruce Lee to heart when pitching a story to the media:

Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

… or we could just bribe them with doughnuts.