It wasn’t that long ago when Silicon Valley, the tech capitol of the world, was a lush farmland known as the “Valley of Hearts Delight.”

So how did Santa Clara Valley go from being an agricultural hub to a technological wilderness?

It started in 1957 with eight men… and a dream.

A new “American Experience” documentary entitled “Silicon Valley” takes “an eye-opening look at the birthplace of the modern technological era.” From transistors to microprocessors, from pocket radios to iPhones, we see the evolution of Silicon Valley, told by some of the key players involved.

It’s an inspiring tale of a new brand of “The American Dream” that lives on today.

Click here to watch the film online.


After viewing the documentary, we were reminded of what was great about Silicon Valley: that it is a place where dreams are realized, where failures are spectacular, but where hope is always alive.

As Silicon Valley’s tech PR agency, LMGPR continues to be inspired by the minds and ideas that keep Silicon Valley the center of the tech world. It’s what gets us excited to wake up each day and do our personal best for our clients and be the best PR agency we can be.

What inspires you about Silicon Valley?