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The future of network monitoring and performance has arrived.

Sideband Networks today unveiled the industry’s first unified solution that correlates live traffic with logged network traffic generating a new perspective on network intelligence.

What does that mean? It means organizations now have a dynamic network discovery visual tool for mapping their networks while also providing detailed drill downs for a complete understanding of their network.



The brainchild behind Sideband Networks is Zane Taylor. A Silicon Valley veteran who has worked behind the scenes with world-renowned companies including Cisco Systems, Exodus Communications, NetScaler, Citrix and FireEye, Zane has emerged from behind the curtain to start his own company: Sideband Networks.

Zane says working alongside various CEO’s over the years has been invaluable:

“Well I’ve helped new CEO’s manage through the process. I have been their ear to be able to listen and provide my feedback on certain topics and items. And I’ve learned by watching them make mistakes and make good decisions and that is part of what helped me move forward to where I am today.”

Working for several successful companies, Zane learned firsthand what it takes for a team to be successful and has applied that to Sideband Networks as well:

“I make sure I walk around talk to the team on a daily basis. I talk to them individually. I have to make sure I know what’s going on with them. We kid a little, back and forth. We have daily stand-up meetings where everybody is there, everybody is focused, everybody gives a quick update of what they’re doing. It only takes a half hour and it provides openness and communication across the board. And the main thing is that everybody knows that should there be any issue whatsoever, they can come to any of the executive staff members for any reason and ask for help. We all win and lose as a team.”

Outside of the office, Zane is a bit of a thrill seeker. Zane has been known to jump out of airplanes and dive to the bottom of the sea. Zane is also a motorcycle enthusiast who at one time owned seven motorcycles. It is not uncommon to see the Sideband CEO roll into the office on his Buell and plans on adding a Fat Boy to his collection before too long.

As for Sideband, Zane says the company was born out of frustration and has been thirty years in the making: “There has been a void to know what’s going on within a network and being able to have teams be proactive and also have the cross communication within the organization. Over the years, as things have become more and more complex, it’s become more and more difficult to optimize infrastructure and to properly operationalize it for productivity.”

Sideband networks is changing that.

To find out more about Sideband Networks and how it is unlocking the power of live data analytics, click here.