LMGPR Services

The Loughlin/Michaels Group (LMGPR) provides a comprehensive range of leading-edge and traditional public relations and communications services designed to help our clients achieve their business objectives. The same old ways of doing things simply don’t work in today’s evolving media environment.

Success today – proven by our track record – requires the ability to adjust and adapt rapidly. But it also requires a fundamental shift in thinking and operating.

LMGPR Pulse™

Using our knowledge, experience and our understanding of the changing media landscape, we’ve created a new, systematic approach to public relations called LMGPR Pulse™. We believe LMGPR Pulse™ represents the most effective approach for driving business results in today’s dynamic communications environment.

LMGPR Pulse™ is based upon the art and science of influence in the digital communications age. LMGPR Pulse™ is built upon three key components: Strategic Positioning, Social Influence and our Narrative Story Engine.

When these components are combined, LMGPR Pulse™ is designed to support:

  • Marketing, including branding and positioning
  • Business Development, including strategic partnerships and new product development
  • Sales

The goal of LMGPR Pulse™ is to leverage public relations to create new business opportunities, increase sales and create category leadership.

Client Options

No two clients are alike. That’s why LMGPR provides customized options for working with clients based upon their individual needs and business goals and objectives.

Options include:

  • Leadership & Market Momentum: This option is based upon an ongoing relationship with LMGPR and is designed to achieve both short and long-term business goals and objectives. It is best suited to companies looking to achieve a leadership position in their market category and/or those companies seeking a defined business outcome, such as increased venture funding, acquisition or IPO.
  • JumpStart: This exclusive option is designed for startups looking to launch their company and/or product with limited resources. It works best for short duration programs, typically two-to-four months, and is generally a prelude to a long-term public relations program.
  • Customized Project: This option is designed for closed-end projects, such as a new product or brand launch or relaunch where the business objective can be achieve in three months or less.

All LMGPR clients benefit from customized technology public relations programs that scale to their individual needs; highly focused teams; strong, consistent and experienced leadership; and hands-on services that produce measurable results.


In our view, the ultimate measure of success is our ability to help our clients achieve their business goals and objectives. It is our belief that public relations is only value insomuch as it supports and drives business goals and objectives.

In terms of measurement, we focus on:

  • Output
  • Impact
  • Outcome
  • Output is measured as media coverage and social media interactions resulting from key strategies and tactics; a quantitative PR metric
  • Impact is measured as changes in perceptions and attitudes powerful enough to modify the purchase behavior of the target market
  • Outcome is measured as the achievement of measurable business objectives

Combined, these metrics are an excellent gauge of the effectiveness of a PR program.


Specific services we offer include:

  • Strategy and Counsel
  • Media and Analyst Relations
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Product & Brand Launches
  • Thought Leadership
  • Media Training
  • Social Media Management
  • Speaker’s Bureau Management
  • Writing & Material Development
  • Event Support
  • IPO & Funding Communications
  • Press Tours and Media Events
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Market Research & Perception Audits