facebook logoFindings of a new study conducted by AVG found that only 27 percent of social networkers are thoroughly protecting themselves against the ever growing online security threats. The study, ‘Bringing Social Security to the Online community’, was conducted in conjunction with the CMO Council. Some key findings included:

  • 64 percent of Facebook users rarely change their passwords
  • 47 percent adjust their privacy settings regularly
  • 21 percent of users accept friends they do not know

All these are factor that contribute to an ‘unsafe’ Facebook account. These accounts are unsafe because the data and information included on your Facebook page can easily be leaked into the hands of the wrong people, resulting in “identity theft”. After reading the findings, I’ve realized that perhaps I do not have as safe of a Facebook account as I should have. Common sense has taught me not to accept friends that I do not know or to open the link from the friend I haven’t talked to since high school, claiming to make me a millionaire. But that’s not to say that other phishing or malware attacks haven’t been introduced into my computer.

What measures do you take to secure your computer? Let’s not pass this off as something little. An astounding 20 percent of social media web users have been the victim of identity theft, while 55 percent have experienced a phishing attack and 47 percent attacked by malware.

It can likely happen to you – don’t be the next victim. Secure your Facebook account!