3D has come a long way since the days of House of Wax, Jaws 3-D and Captain EO! Technological innovations have brought 3D from the big screen to the small screen and now a company from Spain is putting 3D in the palm of your hand.










Meet Scubo. They’ve developed an app and accessories that allow you to “capture, edit and view your own 3D photos on your iPhone or Smart TV.” Check out this video that shows how Scubo is allowing people to see the world differently and express their lives in 3D:

Here’s how it works: When taking a picture, you simply press the shutter button then move the iPhone slightly to the right and back to the left. Scubo’s algorithm then generates a side-by-side image you can view on your iPhone with the Scubo Viewer (sold separately).









Using this Parallax technology, users can “view 3D photos and videos anywhere and anytime without the use of glasses.” Additionally, users with 3D Smart televisions can wirelessly transmit the photos to their sets for viewing. It’s that simple!

Scubo aims to be more than just 3D medium. They are looking to socialize the 3D experience and make it personal with the Scubo Social Network. Creating an online profile allows you to connect and share with other Scubo users, where you can follow, comment and favorite 3D pictures from throughout the network.










Scubo has also developed a case for users that stores the viewer when not in use and for those who are REALLY into 3D, Scubo has developed a Scubo Cam, a plug & play device that synchronizes with the iPhone camera and allows you to shoot amazing 3D videos.

If you (or a friend) are one of those people always on the lookout for cutting-edge technology, then Scubo may be just what you’re looking for. Make it a 3D Christmas this year. Get the free Scubo App in the Apple App Store.

For more information go to http://www.scubo3d.com/