RSA PartyLoughlin/Michaels(LMGPR) cocktail reception at RSA was truly a night of mingling, mixing, and sharing RSA security stories with our guests.  Jillian’s provided outstanding food, drinks and service and was an excellent venue to host our event.  It was a great location for the press, analysts and clients and security professionals to meet after a long day at the conference.  A bit of R&R and unwinding with good food and good people.  Our clients NetOptics, FireEye and Concentric attended the reception and discussed emerging trends in the security industry.  We even had a few party crashers proving that everyone likes a good after show party.

RSA Party

NetOptics introduced “Director”, the industry’s highest port-density monitoring access solution. With “TapFlow” filtering technology, Director enables network monitoring tools to handle more traffic, more links and more protocols than ever before.  FireEye’s Malware Intelligence Lab outlined a series of steps that individuals and organizations can take in the continuing battle against stealth malware and botnets. Concentric was on hand to discuss business security vulnerabilities as it related to cloud computing, and how Concentric Secure Cloud Computing Solution provides a secure network.RSA Pary

The party was a huge success and we thank all of our guests for attending. Please check out our party pictures below. Keep yourself posted on all upcoming LMGPR news and events on our website, our blog, follow us on Twitter and by joining our group on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you at our next LMGPR event!

RSA PartyRSA PartyRSA PartyRSA PartyRSA PartyRSA Party