This week, LMGPR lost a beloved member of the family.

Bailey, a Wire Fox Terrier, joined the LMGPR team in 2001. He was three-months old and full of energy, creative ideas and was always ready to greet arriving guests and make them feel welcome.

Bailey Office

Often Bailey would wander to the various offices and give his own special love to team members. He especially liked to observe and would bark once or twice with approval.

Bailey Walk

Bailey enjoyed walks with the team, would smile if you scratched his back, and if you had treats, you would have his full attention and would likely be on the receiving end of a lengthy hand-licking session!

Bailey and Family

Bailey’s bond was greatest with Donna and the kids. As Donna shared with the LMGPR team, Bailey tried to help her with her work/life balance:

“As a publicist, Bailey had to  compete with my mobile phone for my attention.  At times, he would jump up to knock it out of my hands or get into some mischief to distance me from it. He would often  grab my computer bag and hide it in hopes of me staying home from work. So on those days, he would come in to the office too.”


Bailey passed away Thursday, December 18, 2014. He was almost 14-years old.

13 years with LMGPR is a long, long time in dog years. He will be missed by many.

We love you, Bailey. Thanks for making this office and the world a better place.