There’s been a lot of online bantor about the pros and cons on making company announcements on Monday vs Tuesday. The Boomtown Rats wrote a song years ago “I don’t like Mondays” but for the most part Monday’s are not that bad at all. It’s the first day of the week to get turbo charged. Yes, it’s typically a busy news day but technically Tuesday is too according to recent stats published by various news reader group.s I’ve worked in the news room and no two days were alike or predictable. I’ve spoken to numerous PR peers and validated that the Monday vs Tuesday rule really a lot of smoke and mirrors…which is something most of us PR folks try to avoid.

Here’s our guidelines for issuing press releases:

Announcement Basics:

Make the release compelling. The basics of who, what, when and where still apply.
Focus on why vs how your technology is impacting the market.
Issue good news—Issue M-W
Less Important-Issue on Thursday or wait until the next week
Friday-Only if you want to bury it
If Monday is a holiday then aim for Tuesday or perhaps the next week.
Don’t make major announcements at trade shows unless it’s a show stopper or you conduct pre-briefs
Have a compelling company expert and at least 2 customer references. Customer is king and a good advocate will go a long way.

Tools of the Trade:

Use Social Media Releases when communicating to the bloggsphere.
Use traditional releases when reaching traditional pubs.
Keep the release two 2 pages if you can.
Use a trusted wire service such as Businesswire or PR Newswire. We like Businesswire because of the detailed reports and quality of service.
Some releases are designed to be momentum releases and don’t need outreach or wire service postings.
If you’re a publicly traded company releases need to be timed with earnings

Try Something New:

Make your release stand out in a crowd by including a wire photo or video clip
Be creative and use Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube as an alternative to a traditional release
Create a virtual press kit that includes press release, .delicious and other cool links
Develop a customer Q&A on your website to compliment the press release
Experiment. Have fun and try something new….the skies the limit

Regardless, if you have a cool announcement on the latest and greatest techno widget you might get by on a Friday. We recently announced www.filtrbox on a Monday and were wildly successful. We had a two week lead time with most pubs and bloggers and provided them with detailed and insightful traditional and SMR releases to make their filing a story quick. To date we have more than 30 blog postings and coverage in major trades and business pubs. So the concept of waiting for Tuesday to arrive might have had less impact since in many cases Filtrbox was the feature story.

So take our advice. There’s no bad day if you have done your preparation, know your audience and are tenacious and friendly securing coverage.