As we approach the new year it is a time to reflect  and anticipate all things new.  This week we ran three recruiting ads for new  agency talent. The first ad was for mid manger public relations professionals with 3-10 years agency experience. The second for PR interns with 1-3 years experience and a third job listing was for a PR assistant. We received an overwhelming 143 resumes for the assistant position.  As we review the resumes it’s hard to say no to anyone applying. Everyone has a different career path, history and ambition.  For most of us our PR career started out getting that lucky break after college.  In this economy we are seeing people that have been trying to get  their lucky break for a few years.  The persistence and tenacity that some of the candidates have displayed is amazing.

One candidate sent us  a boxing glove via Fed Ex  with a note stating “lets take on the competition.”  Attention grabbing hardly describes opening up a mystery package… thankfully it wasn’t a box of Sees candy. Another applicant sent recent travel photos and another sent a dozen writing samples.  The candidates vary from having a degree to no college education. Some more experienced with specific PR background  than others. The one thing that consistently stands out is that they all are interested in a career in public relations or at least to explore the career.  After 25 years of being in the tech PR industry, the founder of the Loughlin/Michaels Group has a very hard decision to make.  Who is the one candidate that we can launch a career path for?  Who is the one person that meets the requirements and has the most potential?

So where are the mid-level folks? On holiday vacation or just exhausted from the pace of their large agency jobs?   You could learn something from the excitement that the younger generation of candiates have shown us.  We are looking for some talented 3-10 year agency mavericks…. so please send us your best pitch, writing samples and try to knock our socks off the same way the  new generation of talent has done.  Public relations is destined to be the new hot job in 2010 it appears.