(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

“Your data is your private property, and you should stop giving it away to strangers for free.” Lyndon Oh, co-founder & CEO, Ozone

It’s no secret that Big Tech is mining and profiting off of its users’ data. In fact, tech giants are earning hundreds of millions of dollars per day from users’ personal data.

Ozone believes it’s time for a change.

The company is introducing Ozone Data Dividend, a new tool which gives users control of and cash for their browsing data. Ozone enables users to earn revenue generated from their internet data and take back control from conglomerates like Google and Facebook.

Traditionally, advertisers pay platforms like Facebook and Google to show a user ads based upon their personal data, without paying the user for their data, time, and attention. Ozone is turning that model upside down. With Ozone, advertisers instead pay users for their time if it is being spent online viewing ads.

Here’s how it works:

With Ozone Data Dividend, users are paid a weekly deposit just for browsing the web. Users sign up with Ozone, create a profile and provide some basic information. From there, Ozone matches the user with companies who then provide cash and other incentives to view their ads. Users can cash out when they reach a monthly $20 threshold. Users have total control over what data is made accessible as targeting data through web and mobile properties.

Additionally, the company is introducing Ozone Explorer, a free service that enables users to search for the best live deals from their favorite brands, all in the same place that houses their personal monetizable data which they can then share with brands for even better personalized deals and cash back on purchases.

Ozone was founded by Lyndon Oh and a coalition of ex-Google, ex-Facebook and ex-Silicon Valley insiders fed up with big tech unfairly profiting off of user data.

We’re building a market where advertisers now have to pay users for their personal data, and working with bold, forward-thinking advertisers embracing the new Web 3.0 data sovereignty age to make sure users get their fair share.” – Lyndon Oh

The Ozone Extension is available in the Chrome Web Store and will be available for Safari and Firefox later this year.

To get started earning money for your data, sign up for Ozone here.