Today an editor at the Red Herring Magazine thanked me for calling and having an old fashion conversation. He said he rarely receives calls from PR folks wanting to discuss vs. pitch. Share vs. tell. Collaborate vs. dominate.

This doesn’t really surprise me because during the bubble, many PR agencies hid behind technology using email, instant messaging, voicemail and Web casts. Perhaps in the dot-com era everyone was caught up in the frenzy, going a million miles a minute and losing site of human contact. Instead of meeting editors and analyst in person we got lazy and resorted to technology to moon beam us to their desktop within minutes. Similar to looking for a date on, we relied on online resources far to much and as a result went backwards vs. forwards in time. Being from a third generation editorial family, I can relate to this particular editors decree. I’ve always been a fan of in person meetings, lunches, after hour dinners, press lunches, roundtable discussions and meet and greets. I encourage my team to do something old fashioned and pick up the phone. Even with all the cool online, digital and social media tools, nothing can replace a good old fashioned conversation. So, when in doubt of using one of the many cool tools…pick up the phone it’s still one of the best forms of communications to date.