If you use a Bluetooth headset, chances are you’ve misplaced it at one time or another, or perhaps even lost it completely. And while they may be small in size, the price tag certainly isn’t. With higher end models in the $70-$100 range, losing a headset is a potentially costly loss!




Luckily, our friends at Phone Halo have come up with a solution. The item tracking company has just released “The Phone Halo Bluetooth Headset Tracker,” the first-ever Smartphone app that helps users keep tabs on their headsets.



The app sends out an audible reminder before a headset is left behind and also takes a GPS snapshot of its last location for easier retrieval. The app not only saves consumers time and money, but gives them peace of mind as well.

The Phone Halo Bluetooth Headset Tracker will soon be available for download free of charge through the Apple App Store.