Not every company can say they were featured in Time Magazine… but OneID can.

The Silicon Valley startup that is looking to transform the current username/password system was prominently featured in the August 8, 2012 article “The Username/Password System Is Broken: Here Are Some Ideas For Fixing It.”






The article by Jared Newman uses a real life example of how people are susceptible to hackings and the repercussions that follow:

“Imagine if, in an instant, all the files on your computer vanished, along with all your e-mails and online backups, and therefore any chance of getting those files back. That’s what happened to tech writer Mat Honan, after a hacker broke into his Google and Apple accounts and wiped them clean.”

Newman points to the current username/password system as the problem and how a more secure system is needed:

“But there’s a bigger problem that Honan’s hack brings to light, and that’s how broken the username/password system has become. Every online service we use invites another security threat–a way for hackers to sniff out passwords or glean the information they need to reset an account elsewhere.”

The article then shifts toward possible solutions where OneID is featured as a company with the potential to solve the problem:

OneID, a service that’s in private beta now, also wants to have a single login button that’s ubiquitous across the web, but instead of relying on other trusted accounts like OpenID, it requires users to authenticate their individual devices. That way, no one can access your accounts without physically stealing your computer. As an added security measure for banking and other important transactions, OneID can require users to enter a PIN on their smartphones through a companion app.”

OneID’s Chief Scientist Jim Fenton was also quoted in the story talking about the challenges that lie ahead in getting people to adopt an alternative to the current username/password system. He believes complete adoption of a solution such as OneID will take time:

“It’s a technology that’s been around for 50 years, and it’s had a chance to establish itself very well on the web,” he said. “I think it will still be quite a while yet.”

This was a fantastic hit for OneID. To be featured in Time is a great honor and it cemented OneID’s position as a leader in the ongoing fight against hackings and identity theft. This kind of national exposure is what LMGPR aims to deliver for all of our clients.