Yes, we thought it would be the other way around too.  But surprisingly enough, social media has increased email usage.

It wasn’t that long ago that we heard study results stating that social media was decreasing the use of email as users spend more time on social media platforms.  Nope, not true.  According to Mashable, “social media use makes people consume more email – particularly for the highest social media users.”

This study recorded the minutes of email consumptions per person as compared to their usage of social media tools.  Nielson looked at four separate online population groups and their email consumptions rates over time.  The study indicated that regardless of how much of a social media user you are – your amount of email consumption mapped back to minutes spent on social media platforms.  There was a direct comparison between email and social media usage.  For more information see the graph below, courtesy of Mashable.

Tell us what you think?  If you’re an avid social media user, are you still spending the same amount of time on email?  I’m thinking that pure traffic from these sites (such as email alerts from Facebook, for example) will increase email usage – but who knows.

Overall, this is an interesting study from Nielson.