The LMGPR has discussed this topic before on our blog.  Do you think it’s okay for public figures to tweet?  Specifically professional athletes?  The NBA has banned their players from tweeting during game days – which personally bums me out. Shaquille O’Neal was by far – one of the greatest Twitter comedians.   But just this week, Mashable reported why this can become a huge issue.

On Monday, it was reported that New York Jets Wide Receiver David Clowney, had his Twitter account hacked.  Whoever this hacker is, he or she did more than any other hacker has done in the past by directly cursing and insulting Clowney’s followers/fans.  The tweets updated by this hacker were a little different than the Jets original plan.

The Jets organization uses its account to inform fans about what’s new with the team and build a viral fan community.  It’s unfortunate that situations like these have to occur and that tweeple may be hurt or insulted.

It’s situations like these that reinforce the NBA’s decision.  But then again, by not allowing live tweeting, does that really stop a hacker?