By Roberto Araujo

Do you remember taking typing, or now known as keyboarding in summer school? Mom always knows best, and those typing skills will get you a great summer job later in life. Typing The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog over and over increased our typing speed, spelling but hardly our social life.

Typing is never been so fun before, MetoGames introduced Typing Maniac on Facebook and more recently, they’ve introduced Typing Maniac on the iPhone/iPod Touch/ iPad. Now you can increase your speed, vocabulary and dexterity against your friends.  You even get the chance to challenge your online friends through OpenFeint , Game Center or Facebook. You may also type in different languages, for those who are up to the real challenge. Now, if you end up with a high score, why not brag about it, who knows maybe someone may want to challenge you, so share your scores on Facebook or Twitter.

Ok, you’re finally a typing master in the conventional keyboard. Now, here is a real challenge, download Typing Maniac app for a chance to increase your typing skills at a virtual keyboard. Become an expert typer! Test the speed of your fingers by typing the falling words before they hit the ground and earn bonuses by typing words without making mistakes.

Take the Typing Maniac Challenge! Go to Facebook or through your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and download the Typing Maniac app today!

We also have some tips:

  • Start the fastest levels using the “slow book”
  • While the 7th magic book is flying to your library you can use one to make space for it.
  • Make perfect levels (without mistakes) to get big scores.
  • Making mistakes in black books will drop it very fast.

Do it again and again….and you will become a maniac in no time.

Ready? Set? Go!

Click on these links to begin now:

Typing Maniac Facebook:

Typing Maniac Twitter:

Developer’s website:

[vimeo 6471391 w=400 h=300]

Typing Maniac – Metrogames from MetroGames on Vimeo.