Anything look different to you on our blog? It should!

As part of our complete LMGPR website makeover, we’ve given our blog a new name and look as well:


The Pulse is LMGPR’s voice of the Silicon Valley and beyond.  We have our finger on the pulse in terms of how we work with our clients, keeping track of industry happenings and trends and moving our clients forward.

As part of the redesign, we enlisted the aid of an up-and-coming artist whom we felt could give “The Pulse” some life in its logo:


Mehruss Jon Ahi is an artist with numerous passions including architecture, graphic design, photography and fashion. He is a Project Designer at BCA Architects in San Jose, California as well as the co-creator and designer of Interiors, an architecture and film journal that examines films in terms of space. Mehruss has studied architecture all around the world, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Rome, Italy. You can learn more about Mehruss and his work on his website.

We may be slightly biased (just a little!), but we believe Mehruss’ Pulse logo is among his finest works! We are thrilled with the outcome and are more than proud to host an original Mehruss work of art on our blog.

Now the hard part: creating content that lives up to the art itself. Mehruss has set the bar high, but we are ready to deliver. The Pulse is live!