Today we announced a very disruptive new media monitoring service– Being media junkies looking for content online can be very daunting. Searching through online pubs, blogs and social media sites is time consuming and counter productive at times. There are many a la carte services that monitor clips, traditional print editorial, social media services and blogs. However, with the exception of Google Alerts these services are expensive. Now imagine if you can have one solution to monitor, save and even share data with others. Starting at $20.00 a month for an individual account, Filtrbox provides a one stop solution for managing media content easily and affordably.

The founder of Filtrbox, Ari Newman, is driven to deliver the most robust media monitoring solution on the market. He is well on his way to making Filtrbox the summer mashup of the season. More than 2000 beta users have embraced the service to date. Many of these users are avid bloggers or associated with a major blog site. We will be saving approximately $5,000.00 a year in services using Filtbox as a media monitoring of choice. The service is ideal for advertising, marketing, PR, journalists, bloggers, and research professionals.

We will post a page of hot coverage on this new service shortly. Meanwhile, go to to get a free trial of Filtrbox.