On Tuesday, The Loughlin Michaels Group announced two new companies to its extensive enterprise portfolio, e4e, a business services company and Net Optics, a leader in the network monitoring market. LMGPR was selected as the PR agency of choice because of its proven experience and success working with managed services and network infrastructure companies. The agency is continuing to add clients to its roster and expanding its expertise in the enterprise market. Our Jump Start Program is a great way for smaller companies to gain traction and establish credibility in their market. With this program, high-tech clients with limited resources, have the ability to “jump start” their tailored public relations programs and build awareness about the company and achieve high-impact results in a short timeframe. The LMGPR team is looking forward to working with e4e and Net Optics and continuing to seek new and innovative companies looking to expand its presence and standing among its competitors. To learn more about LMGPR contact the company’s president, Donna Michaels at donna@lmgpr.com.

Go to www.e4e.com and www.netoptics.com for more information on these clients.