We know it can get overwhelming with all the apps swirling around in the mobile universe so we collaborated and came up with our top 10 favorites from practical to fun in no particular order. And the best part…they’re all free!

Kayak for iPhone   

  • What is it? Kayak enables you to search for flights, hotels, car rentals and manage your trip and itinerary once you’ve booked it.
  • Why we think it’s cool: The best thing about the Kayak is definitely the trend reporting. You tell it the flight you are contemplating on taking and it will show you what pricing has looked like over the past month and predictions for the future. If Kayak sees the price going down in 4 days, you can wait it out and get the best price. 

iLevel for iPhone 

  • What is it?  iLevel functions as a digital level for all picture-aligning, table-building or any other leveling needs.
  • Why we think it’s cool: We feel nerdy in the most awesome way when we are using our iPhones to hang pictures.

Writely for iPhone 

  • What is it? The Writely online word processor lets you type and edit text documents on your phone.
  • Why we think it’s cool: We’re commuters! If you take work on the train like some of us do, this app can eliminate annoying techniques you may have used in the past to bring your work with you. E-mailing yourself a Word file or uploading it to a personal storage device is a thing of the past. Instead, store your document within Writely and access it from any computer.

UrbanSpoon for iPhone

  • What is it? UrbanSpoon will first find your location, then show you a slot-machine reel of restaurants. Simply shake your iPhone and the wheel will spin past surrounding neighborhoods and types of food until it randomly lands on something. Once it lands on a restaurant it provides pricing, phone numbers and reviews.
  • Why we think it’s cool: It’s the most fun way to figure out where you are going to eat. UrbanSpoon solves the age old argument you may have between your friends, family or significant other when making the difficult decision of where to dine. Not to mention, it rescues you in those moments when you are hungry but can’t figure out what you are in the mood for. 

Google Maps for iPhone

  • What is it?  The app knows where you are and will get you where you need to be. Click on ‘My Location’ and Google Maps will figure out your starting point for you so you don’t have to manually type it in. Google Maps is the simplest way to get driving directions or routes and schedules to travel via subway, bus, or on foot.
  • Why we think it’s cool: Because paper maps aren’t. Google Maps is incredible solution for people like us who are constantly on the go and real-time traffic updates help you find the fastest route…how cool is that?

OpenBreak for Blackberry

  • What is it?  OpenBreak allows you to post updates to Twitter, including a character countdown from 140 characters, one-click access to view friends timelines, replies, your favorites, your own timeline, and the public timeline. It enables you to post pictures Twitpic, yfrog and more, reply to tweets and mark tweets as favorites and even take a picture with an embedded camera.
  • Why we think it’s cool: It’s just as efficient as using Twitter and it’s a great tool to ensure social media gurus like us don’t miss a thing…even when we’re on the go. 


  • What is it?  Buzz’d updates you on the most current hotspots in your city. The buzzdmeter ranks the most popular places of the moment based on real-time posts from Twitter and other social networks.
  • Why we think it’s cool: You can rate places from your phone, earn deals, connect with friends and add links to your Twitter and Facebook. Technology married with fun!

Viigo for Blackberry

  • What is it?  One click access to news, weather, entertainment, live sports scores and schedules, markets, stock portfolios, flight Schedules and status, movies, shopping, Twitter and more.
  • Why we think it’s cool: Tell Viigo what you are most interested in and it will only show you news that pertains to your current taste. It’s perfect to use when you are stuck somewhere in line and bored. Plus, we’re all about keeping ourselves connected and informed.

Shazam for iPhone

  • What is it? With Shazam you can discover and buy music tracks, share your Tags with friends on Twitter and Facebook and access the Shazam music charts to find out what’s hot.
  • Why we think it’s cool: There’s nothing more annoying than hearing a song you love on the radio, making a mental note to remember to look it up when you get home, then forgetting the song by the time you’re home. Enter Shazam.

Slacker Radio for iPhone

  • What is it? An alternative to Pandora that carries a larger catalog of songs.
  • Why we think it’s cool: If offers a Premium account that provides you with unlimited song skips that sets it apart from competitors.

What are some of your favorite apps?