giantsThe importance of teamwork is as significant for a baseball team as it is for any successful business, and here at Loughlin/Michaels Group we are taking the idea of teamwork out to the field, literally. We are treating ourselves to night with the Giants as they take on the Pittsburgh Pirates tomorrow at AT&T Park. In light of the special occasion, the topic of the foundations for what builds a good team has come to the forefront of discussion at the LMGPR office. Baseball or any professional sports team for that matter can be an especially good model for successful inter-office dynamics, which should include a nice blend of hard-work, trust, humor and most importantly going for that big win. Whether it’s in the field diving to make that game winning catch, or in the office winning over an important new client, it’s all about the team that stands behind you and keeps you at the top of your game.

LMPGR understands the importance of building a good team and will cheer on the Giants. We will be posting pictures up from the game so you can take a look at what an award winning team looks like. Go Giants! Go LMGPR!