If there’s one thing we enjoy here at LMGPR, it’s a good hamburger. So much so, that we’ve decided to take our own burger challenge! Every Thursday in September (and maybe October too), our team will pick a different restaurant in San Pedro Square or surrounding area in a quest to find the best hamburger in San Jose.


This week we decided to try Firehouse No. 1 Gastropub in San Pedro Square. Three different burgers were on the menu, so naturally we had to try all three!


Woody went traditional with “The Standard Cheeseburger: special sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, & pickle.” He also added a couple of slices of thick-cut bacon. Woody devoured his, finishing well ahead of Bianca and Michael. He wished his medium-grilled patty would have had a little more pink, but overall said this tasty burger was anything but “Standard.”


Bianca was a bit more adventurous taking on the “Le French Burger: Truffle mayo, a touch of choice Maytag bleu cheese & roasted wild mushrooms.” Bianca raved about the heirloom tomato and added that the “touch” of bleu cheese was just enough- anymore and it might have been overkill. Bianca enjoyed every last bite and said Le French was délicieux.


Michael won the artery clogger prize with “The Duke Burger: Bacon, BBQ, onion rings, & cheddar cheese.” The presentation itself was amazing and Michael had to channel his inner “Shaggy and Scooby” to fit that monstrosity in his mouth and stomach. Michael’s only complaint was that it was a little light on the bbq sauce and next time he would ask for extra. It was a true “Man Vs Food” moment tackling a burger of that size, but Michael was able to “Duke” it out and won the challenge.

All three burgers were amazing and the herb-parmesan shoestring fries were the perfect compliment. All three of our burger battle contestants say they would definitely eat there again.

Next week, we’re headed to SmashBurger, but for now we’re taking our full bellies to the gym!

Bon Appetit!