After four weeks of Burger Battling, our brave contestants are getting a real flavor for what kinds of burgers they like. They’ve tried some pretty top-notch burgers up to this point, so the expectations bar has been set pretty high.

Would Gordon Biersch be able to live up to those expectations with their “Knife and Fork Burgers?”


Depends who you ask, although the entire team can agree that these were BIG burgers and everyone did end up eating them with a knife and fork eventually!

First up was Bianca. Bianca admits that she is not a fan of chain restaurants, so Gordon Biersch had one strike against them from the start.

photo 1

In true Burger Battle fashion, Bianca went head-to-head with last week’s Konjoe Burger Bar selection and ordered a traditional GB Cheeseburger: “Simple and classic, ten ounces, grilled-to-order and topped with aged cheddar cheese.” The battle was over pretty quick. Bianca called her burger “boring and bland,” saying that the burger was on the dry side and the cheese was too thin. She added that while edible, nothing about her burger really stood out.

photo 2

Paul, meanwhile, decided to go with the Kobe Cheeseburger: “8 oz. American-style Kobe beef burger with aged cheddar cheese.”  Paul’s medium-cooked Kobe was a little pink for his taste, but he took it in stride. Paul enjoyed every last bite and raved about “the integrity of the buns” to stay intact throughout the meal. While it wasn’t the best Kobe Paul has ever had, he said he would definitely order it again.

photo 4

Michael, still smarting after the disappoint of last week’s non-burger battle, was ready for some meat… and he got all he could handle! Michael ordered the Märzen BBQ Burger: “Brushed in our housemade Märzen grilling sauce, topped with bacon and cheddar cheese.” Märzen is a GB handcrafted beer which added extra flavor to the burger. Michael  stared admiringly at his patty’s searing marks and knew he was in for something special. It was juicy, messy and delicious. The Märzen grilling sauce made the meat savory and paired with the salty bacon, the sweet bbq sauce and, lest we forget, the garlic fries, Michael’s disappointment over last week’s battle was but a forgotten memory.

photo 3

Woody, not one to shy away from non-traditional burgers, took it upon himself to try the Farmhouse Burger: “With bacon jam, tomatoes and arugula, topped with a fried egg.” We were all very curious what bacon jam would taste like and Woody described it as “smoky, salty and tangy.” Woody, much like Michael, raved about his burger from the first bite to the last, also upping the calorie count with a side of garlic fries, but with no regrets.

So did Gordon Biersch pass the test? Three out of the four judges loudly proclaim “Yes” and Bianca adds that she herself may have to go back and try the special Oktoberfest burger they’ve just begun offering. Sounds like Gordon Biersch is a winner to me!

Next week the Burger Battle is headed to Little Chef Counter.

Bon Appetite!