This week’s burger battle took us back to the San Pedro Square Market to take on Little Chef Counter.


For the uninformed, Little Chef Counter is ” a micro-bistro which specializes in Californian-French cuisine.”

But could it make a good burger? We were about to find out.

Deciding what to order was pretty easy… there’s only one burger on the menu:

photo 1[1]

The “It’s a Burger” comes with 100% ground beef, sauteed mushrooms & onions, lettuce, tomato, Tabasco aioli and served on a Hawaiian sweet bun.

Yes, you read right: a Hawaiian Sweet Bun. Actually, it was served on four (yes, four!) Hawaiian rolls!

The majority of us added bacon and cheddar cheese as well!

As our burgers arrived, Woody was a very happy man:

photo 2

Michael was feeling a bit loopy as well:

photo 1

Little Chef Counter has a great reputation and with good reason: This was easily among the best burgers in the battle. The savory meat and the sweet Hawaiian bread perfectly complemented one another. The sauteed onions almost tasted caramelized and the sauteed mushrooms were full of flavor. The lettuce & tomato were fresh, the cheese wasn’t overbearing, the bacon wasn’t too chewy or crispy and the tabasco aioli tied everything together. The patty was cooked to perfection and there was no skimping on any of the toppings.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo on 2013-10-02 at 12.41 #2

Oh and did I fail to mention Bianca and Woody ordered Duck Fat Fries with their burgers? What are Duck Fat Fries? They are fries cooked with duck fat and served with garlic aioli. Paul and Michael looked on jealously as they tended to their side salads. Sigh.

To recap: The only thing “little” about Little Chef Counter is their name. These are big, bold, beautiful hamburgers and LMGPR is unanimous in their support of Little Chef. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and give em a try!

Next week our Burger Battle comes to an end with a Burger Buffet!

Bon Appetit!