We are excited to announce that SharePoint users can now translate content inside Sharepoint, thanks to our client, Lingotek!

The solution was developed for Microsoft SharePoint application using Lingotek’s own Collaborative Translation PlatformTM.  The benefits are big – SharePoint users can now translate huge amounts of information in order to better connect with their staffs, partners and communities across the globe.

Everybody’s talking, including Microsoft. “The mission of SharePoint is to facilitate collaboration and communication for enterprises,” said Owen Allen, former Microsoft SharePoint ISV partner marketing manager. “Implementing Lingotek’s Inside solution strengthens that mission. Users are able to access secure, accurate and up-to-date translated content, allowing them to collaborate and communicate without barriers to colleagues, customers, partners and prospects around the world.”

InternetNews.com and Fast Company got in on the Lingotek buzz. “Internally, they can use Lingotek’s Collaborative Translation Platform (now integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint) to brainstorm, collaborate and translate all at the same time through crowdsourcing,” said Simon Mainwaring, blogger for Forbes.

We are very pleased with a successful launch and can’t wait to see what Lingotek does next!