We’ve got another new office! No, we haven’t moved from San Pedro Square, we’ve just expanded… into cyberspace! LMGPR has teamed up with Sococo to open a virtual office. Have a look:


Sococo’s Team Space is an innovative communications service and virtual workplace that keeps workers connected no matter where they are. Team Space “offers a bird’s-eye view of a virtual office floor plan where you can see, at a glance, who’s around and what’s going on, regardless of everyone’s physical location.”

Here’s how it works: You can see LMGPR’s Team Space above. We all have our own personal offices and there are meeting rooms and communal areas as well. We are able to see who is online and whether or not they are available. Clicking into the same area as a co-worker allows you instant access via voice, video and IM. With Team Space, we have no need for Skype or other VoIP/IM services. Additionally, Team Space offers screen-sharing capabilities for presentations or collaboration.

Why did we need Sococo? As PR professionals, we’re constantly meeting with clients in other cities, on press tours or at conferences. Being on the go presents challenges staying connected. But just because we’re out of the office doesn’t mean we’re not needed there! With Sococo, it’s as if we’re in the home office no matter what city, state or country we are in. Sococo helps keep LMGPR engaged, productive and connected. That’s not only good for us, but for our clients as well.

To see a video on how Sococo is changing the face of communications, click here.