By Phil Lanides

In today’s day and age, multitasking is king. Consumer tech products have followed that trend, and now, a Mountain View-based company is combining music with a massage in the form of iMusic BodyRhythm. iCess Labs, whose founders include a former classically-trained concert pianist, has produced this unique product, which is scheduled to roll out to the masses in April.










iMusic Body Rhythm allows users to create a completely unique massage experience for themselves while taking listening to music to the next level. Let’s say your favorite song is “Gangnam Style” by Psy. You already have it on your iTunes, which you connect to the iMusic Body Rhythm app. You put on the vest, and, through Bluetooth technology, as you play “Gangnam Style,” you begin to feel the relaxing tapping from the iMusic BodyRhythm vest as it syncs with the beat of the song. The beat of the music you’ve chosen from you iPhone, iPod, or iPad is accurately picked up by the iMusic BodyRhythm app, generating the same drumbeat on your shoulders.

Users can also play two games through the app, creating their own drumbeats through either patting the screen or shaking the phone along with the rhythm of the song. In addition, you can create your own unique drumbeat playlist so that you can enjoy it again later or share it with friends!

Check out this demo video:

So, how does it work? “The iMusic BodyRhythm app connects with the iOS system on your iPhone/iPod/iPad via Bluetooth 3.0, and is designed to work with Apple MFI standards.” The distinctive algorithm created for the iMusic BodyRhythm app is exclusive to the product, and allows users to rest assured they can enjoy an accurately-timed massage while their favorite tunes play!








Earlier this week, iCess launched a Kickstarter campaign for the iMusic BodyRhythm app. Within a few hours, pledges were already coming in!

Music Lovers:  sit back, relax, and allow iMusic BodyRhythm and your favorite songs to give you a massage!