Remember the lazy days of summer?  Keds tennis shoes, cut off denim jeans into capris, picnics, ice cream socials and clam bakes?  WOW. Have times changed.

Today the lazy days of summer means interviewing interns, reading books like the Purple Cow, planning client appreciation events…and reality TV.  Yikes I’m not watching reality TV am I?

We have clients going to India, Europe and South of the Border for the summer. With that said I’m curious to find if the Tweets, blogs and emails slow down. I doubt it but worth the watch.

Meanwhile, at the LMGPR camp we are interviewing like crazy for a few great hires and bringing on a few new clients. Everyone is gearing up for the Fall…but it’s only July.  Spark up the  firecrackers but the lazy days of summer don’t exist. We are busy and proud of it. We will hang our flag, swirl a sparkler and even entertain Canadian and English expatriots on 4th of July…but lazy?  Not us!