It’s been a busy week for Knightscope. The company unveiled the K5, an autonomous data machine that can predict and prevent crime, at the Winter 2013 Plug and Play EXPO on December 5th, 2013 in Silicon Valley.


The K5 was well-received and won a prestigious EXPO award for its showing. The Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Cromwell Schubarth said the 5-foot, 300 pound robot “stole the show.” You can watch Knightscope’s three-minute pitch here.


Prior to the EXPO, LMGPR conducted a vigorous outreach campaign on behalf of Knightscope and held a press event with the Knightscope team to give the media a sneak peek of the K5. Attendees included:


IDG News Service




NBC Bay Area



As a result of our outreach efforts, Knightscope was featured in more than three dozen media outlets including The New York Times, Fox News, CNET, IDG News, Network World, Mashable, Venturebeat, NBC Bay Area, KRON 4 and the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Here’s a sample of the headlines:

“300-pound robot is new breed of crime-fighting machine”

“An ‘R2-D2′ mobile robot may be your next security guard”

“This 5′ tall 300-pound R2D2 security robot could be the future of public safety”

“Knightscope unveils R2-D2′s crime-fighting big brothers”

“This crime-predicting robot aims to patrol our streets by 2015”

And the hits just kept on coming. On Monday, December 9th, Knightscope was featured on Bloomberg West:


You can see the entire interview here.

USA Today also conducted a photo shoot and interview with Knightscope and the K5 for an upcoming piece due out soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Launching a company is a lot of hard work, but LMGPR and Knightscope were both up for the challenge. As a result, this launch was a home run for Knightscope and for LMGPR. We’re proud to work alongside such an exciting company that has the potential to affect and protect millions of lives and we at LMGPR congratulate Knightscope on a successful launch and a bright future.

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