Interviewing people has been a natural talent for me since childhood. Whether it be the Park Ranger or stranger, I learned everyone has a story. A few days ago I had a long wait at the Anaheim Airport in the OC. For no apparent reason I sat at a café next to a man and his kids.  Within a few minutes I notice the rather hipped dressed man wearing a very large diamond crusted pendant of a poker chip. I recalled that I saw numerous men and women throughout the OC wearing very expensive jackets envied by any rocker with poker event names and lots of bling.  I put the two together and asked the gentlemen if he was a poker player. He quickly informed me that he was and he just won a big purse in Los Angeles. I’ve done my best to win a few games of Old Maid and Fish over the years but poker isn’t a game I’ve ever tried. Dogs playing poker mouse pads and T-shirts I have owned. Within a matter of minutes I discover that the stranger is a world class poker champion, Scotty Nguyen He was a Vietnamese of the original boat people we heard about in the 70’s. He came with nothing at age 14 and was inspired to be someone and to support his family. Fast forward to age 49 and he has made millions playing poker. I too own a poker medallion piece of art jewelry but mine a pink four leaf clover chip with crystals…cute and fun. Once I played the role of Barbara Walters I got the courage to ask him to sign my chip necklace…he was friendly and eager.   The only other chips I know are the high tech kind that keep our computers, phones and other mania of devices we need to stay connected and survive today.  Back from the OC and in the Silicon Valley, I’m pleased that I deal with the silicon valley chips vs the ones with the clovers and spades.   A gamble at times, yes but seldom calling bluff.