This blog kicks off the series of posts in which we here at LMGPR explore the glory and splendor that is Sunnyvale. Home to our office as well as many fond memories, Sunnyvale is a fantastic place to explore and enjoy, because it truly is always sunny in Sunnyvale.

While there are obviously many benefits to living in Silicon Valley- great weather, nice people, lots of tech industry heavy-hitters, one often overlooked spot has finally gotten the recognition it deserves. Not only does Sunnyvale house the esteemed and decorated Loughlin/Michaels Group, but it just so happens to also be a great place to meet the love or your life (or a sugar daddy or mama- depending on what you are looking for). recently ran a list of the “Best places for the Rich and Single” and like the proud parents we are, we must shout to the rooftops that Sunnyvale has been listed as #21.

A population just over 131,000, Sunnyvale has a small town feel with some big city dreams. Among the many fun and exciting things to do in Sunnyvale, there is the great dining, fun bars and as described in the article, plenty of live music and visual stimulation (home to the Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group) to keep you coming back for more. Infamous Murphy Avenue, just across from the LMGPR office, is pictured in the article and shows just a snippet of the true charm and wonder that is Sunnyvale.

As the article describes, “if you’re looking to meet someone who’s a little quirky,” Sunnyvale may be the place for you. A great place to people watch (more on the eclectic group of locals we’ve had the privilege of meeting in the next post); CNN believes that Sunnyvale is one of the top places to start looking for that special someone (or just someone with a large bank account). No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in Sunnyvale.

To see what other cities are mentioned, click on the link below to read the full article: Best Places for the Rich and Single