Businesses that can positively leverage social media have a leg up on the competition.

However, the ability to creatively promote your brand on IG is easier said than done.

But sometimes things just happen naturally… and accidentally!

wantshowasyoung” is proof of that. The Taiwanese couple who have owned a laundry service for over 70 years became overnight IG sensations with help from their grandson. According to the grandson, the couple was bored and feeling “old.” He convinced them to take part in several stylish photoshoots wearing clothes that had never been picked up by customers and posted them on IG.

The photos went viral and to date “wantshowasyoung” has amassed more than 176K followers. The couple now has new hobbies in addition to running their business: Being Internet sensations and social media style Influencers.

The couple’s Instagram not only serves as a creative outlet, but also promotes their laundry service… and that’s good for business.