By Michael Erwin

“It was early in the morning of Mar.16. The 25-year-old cybersecurity analyst had spent months preparing for the events soon to unfold. His reddish hair still matted down from sleep, Lanstein stood up and poured another cup of coffee. Suddenly, the data stream flickering on the monitor became dark, and a smile curled across Lanstein’s stubbly face. Operation Rustock had begun.”

It reads a bit like a spy novel, doesn’t it? But this is a true cybercrime story entitled “Fireye: Botnet Busters” featured in this week’s issue of Businessweek. The Bloomberg-owned magazine takes an in-depth look at how FireEye played a key role in bringing down Rustock, an organization believed responsible for nearly half of all junk e-mail sent.

Fireye’s rise to prominence is also chronicled in the article and Businessweek calls the company “one of the world’s most effective private cybercrime fighters.”

LMGPR is celebrating FireEye’s national recognition. Using our Systematic Communications (SysCom) approach to public relations, LMGPR was able to help FireEye achieve the acknowledgement it deserves.

SysCom is built upon three key components: Over the Horizon planning, Social Media Communications and our Strategic Story Engine to support marketing, business development and sales. LMGPR works with each client to identify compelling and timely topics that promote company messages and thought leadership objectives.

The end result? Our clients find themselves in high-end publications like Businessweek.

… and when that happens, it’s not just a victory for our client, but for LMGPR as well.