Have you ever left your house and had that sinking feeling you forgot to do something… like close the garage door?

What if there was a way to check it remotely on your smartphone?

Well actually, there is!

Home8 launched this week with a new line of home awareness and smart protection products that lets consumers build a comprehensive smart living ecosystem in their homes.

One of Home8’s most popular products is the Home8 Garage Starter Kit. It allows users to not only visually check in on their garages via the Home8 mobile app, but also open and close the garage door regardless of location.

Some uses for the Home8 Garage Starter Kit include:

  • Open and close the garage door from your smartphone.
  • Check on your garage remotely to make sure it hasn’t been breached.
  • Ensure that you DID remember to close the garage when you left the house.
  • Allow someone (delivery person, family, friend) access to the garage.
  • Use it to get into your house should you find yourself locked out.

The Home8 Smart Garage starter kit is easy to install and works with most existing garage opening systems. But that’s not all… users can also purchase additional devices to customize their Smart Garage platform and expand their system by installing HD cameras and sensors throughout the property for complete home security and awareness.


Home8 is dedicated to making smart living accessible to everyone. They firmly believe that connectivity is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Home8 is setting a new standard in home security and awareness to help keep you connected to your homes and loved ones like never before.

To check out Home8’s complete line of home awareness and smart protection products, visit www.home8systems.com.