Getting kids to brush their teeth can be difficult.

Getting kids to WANT to brush their teeth is even harder.

Grush, the first gaming toothbrush for kids, is changing that.

Grush is the smart, connected toothbrush that transforms the brushing chore into fun, interactive mobile games for children. It features advanced motion-sensing technology that detects every motion during brushing and wirelessly transmits that data to Grush games running on a smartphone.


Grush games integrate a child’s brushing motion data with a simulated image of brushing that matches the game’s theme. Games include “Monster Chase,” where kids chase and brush away monsters hiding in teeth, “Toothy Orchestra,” that transforms the Grush brush into a conductor’s wand, and “Brush-a-Pet,” where kids help raise “Gavin Giraffe” over the course of a year.

Grush records and stores the brushing data so that parents have peace of mind that their children are developing proper brushing habits. The data can also be shared with dentists.

Grush will be showcasing at CES next month and we at LMGPR are looking forward to being there alongside a company that aims to improve the health and smiles of children everywhere.