DSC00276From time to time people ask us who is that cute dog on the lmgprlounge blog?  Well, that’s our founder’s Wire Fox Terrier, Bailey.  He is also known as Bailey Sprocket, the Taco Terrier and the Burrito Buddy.  He’s a spunky eight-year-old male and likes to socialize with people, children and any four-legged rodent or cat.  He’s been known to catch a few oppossums, collided with a squirrel and lived to tell the story.  He’s true to his AKC feisty, fun loving terrier breed and as a result – a good mascot for the Loughlin/Michaels Group.

Other famous Wire Fox Terriers include Asta of the “Thin Man” movie series and Snowy from the Belgium comic TinTin.

The LMGPR team has been on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for some time now…and have a growing fan base.  Now, it’s time for Bailey on our lmgprlounge site to socialize  with friends on Dogster.  If you like Bailey’s style, wit and smile, join him today at www.dogster.com and send him a bone!