Like the Bejing Olympics everyday we live going for the gold for our clients. We jump hurdles, walk the balance beam and leap over the high bar to get results for them. We have worked with clients in Israel, India, England, Australia and across North America making us an international team. Our goal is help them gain branding, customers and industry recognition. With start-ups, we often begin as the underdog and eventually run to the head of the pack. More established players need to prove them selves and often we need to push them harder than ever before to go for the gold.

One of my favorite sports to watch is gymnastics. My son is a gymnast. He is only 8 and trains an intense 6 hours a week which might not seem like a lot. However, when your only 43 pounds you are breaking a sweat on the vault, rings, mat and bars. I admire his flexibility, can do attitude and dedication to go the distance. He has all the great qualities in a future Olympian and the same DNA I look for in hiring people. He watches the Olympics in amazement then tries one or two exercises on the floor…he is inspired and that keeps me inspired too. He was handpicked from several dozen kids to be on the Super Kids group to train for team. It’s an honor. Likewise, it is an honor for our clients to get hand picked for awards, speaking engagements and interviews. It doesn’t come easy but with team work, hard work and smart work the rewards are high.

PR people train for years to perfect their written and verbal skills. We get up early to greet editors in multiple time zones across the globe; we write copy over and over again, we ramp up on new technology and market segments over and over again. We challenge ourselves daily pushing the envelope for our clients, only hoping we win the gold for them. In this case, the gold is premium press coverage, speaking placements or an industry award.

We are inspired by our clients everyday. We root for them as they introduce new products into the arena. We chant for them when they participate in fundraising marathons and bicycle rides. We are their cheerleaders and their biggest fans. We empower them to be high-tech heroes.

Perhaps they will never make the cover of a Wheaties cereal box but they will be recognized in the industry….over and over again.

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