About a year ago we were approached to do PR for Hospice of the Valley (www.hov.org) a non profit hospice service supporting the Silicon Valley area.  Little did I know at that time they would be supporting a member of the LMGPR family.  We typically focus on high tech clients but working with the Hospice of the Valley quickly proved to us that applying our PR experience to a worthy organization is rewarding.  People that support patients, families and other third parties dealing with death in a dignified manner deserve more praise that I can put into words.  However, these are the people that seek little or no praise. LMGPR provided messaging, positioning, editorial writing and some media direction probono for the Hospice of the Valley.


Recently our contributions to the Hospice of the Valley came full circle. Our founder, Donna Michael’s Mother’s health was failing and the family was faced with the option of extensive medical care or end of life with hospice care. Her Mother chose hospice and with that the family supported her decision. Able with mind but not with body she made a dignified choice. Donna Michaels requested Hospice of the Valley but there was no guarantee as there are other hospice organizations in the region.  Fortunately Hospice of the Valley was assigned.  Hospice of the Valley skillfully moved her Mother from hospital to home providing her with skilled counseling, nursing support and spiritual guidance. Hospice of the Valley did their magic in helping her Mother pass with dignity in her own home with family. Without Hospice of the Valley the process would have been painful for all. This experience has proven that some PR is priceless. We hope that our support of HOV and personal testimonial will support others in the future.