What is the newest phenomenon that is evoking passion and a competitive spirit in women around the world? Social media gaming.

According to a study from Q Interactive and Social Media World Forum of more than 2,000 women in November of 2009, women are actively engaging with brands as they dabble in social media gaming.

A recent article in MediaPost Blogs titled, “Gaming Grabs Gals” by Jack Loechner lays out a profile of the typical women engaging in social media and it’s pretty interesting.

  • They play favorites – 85 percent of those surveyed use five or less games and/or apps regularly, indicating an inclination to be loyal to a handful of favorites; approximately 15% regularly invest in six or more games/apps at a time
  • They’re money makers and spenders – 57 percent  are earning/spending virtual currency daily
  • They listen to their friends—74 percent got involved in a game or app due to a recommendation by family or friend or because they noticed a friend or family member’s score
  • They’re generous, yet competitive — 95 percent utilize virtual currency primarily to gift and/or advance games
  • They’re sentimental — In interacting with games and apps, 57 percent  feel virtual gifting – for example, giving a bag of virtual makeup from Sephora – is as meaningful as real life gifting

Whether you are a teenager, man, woman or kid, applications and games are swiftly becoming a part of our daily lives.

We did our research and discovered a great gaming site at the last VatorSplash Competition called myegamer.com that is making it easier for gaming gals (and guys) to be part of a community.  We also found a bunch of great gaming events that we will be attending this year.

Come hang out with us and fellow gamers at:

 VentureBeat – GamesBeat: http://events.venturebeat.com/gamesbeat2010/

Flash Gaming Summit: http://www.flashgamingsummit.com/index.html

Game Developmers Conference 2010 (GDC): http://www.gdconf.com/

PAX East 2010: http://www.paxsite.com/paxeast/index.php

LA Games Conference: http://www.lagamesconference.com/

Gaming Tech Summit: http://www.gametechsummit.com/

NY Games Conference: http://www.nygamesconference.com/