If the current economy hasn’t forced you to be more in tuned to the market then I don’t know what well.  Keeping a head of the pack requires obtaining valuable market intelligence to maintain a competitive advantage. Unemployed? You better get a handle on the market, trends and who’s who.  Watching your bottom line?  You better get your market intelligence lined up?  Inching in on your competition? You better get a grip on your market intelligence? Investor?  Day trader? Portfolio manager?  All of these professional roles require you to be dialed in, tuned in and informed.  Filtrbox today announced G2, a new service designed to deliver critical market intelligence to executives, sales professionals, investors and marketers.

The service is an intelligent agent, discovering new articles across millions of online sources and delivering a qualified list of relevant results every day.   G2 provides broad, comprehensive online coverage – continuously monitoring thousands of mainstream news outlets, millions of blogs, and social networks like Twitter, all in one place.


Surpassing tools like Google Alerts as the FiltrRank system qualifies every result prior to delivery, aggregates results for multiple searches in a single interface, removes duplicates and old articles and features historical analysis of results over time demonstrating the power of trends.  G2 offers team collaboration features, allowing managers to provide a shared knowledgebase of continuously updated intelligence on your company, competition or your industry, keeping everyone on the same page. Proprietary FiltrRank scoring allows you to control the volume of your results by providing a qualified score for each article; allowing you to set thresholds to manage the volume of results and dial the noise down. 


The Loughlin/Michaels Group team has dumped services claiming to provide intelligence…but for the most part have cumbersome enterfaces, miss critical day and are too expensive.


Go check out Filtrbox G2 today!