Some say there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  But I say, perhaps you’re just not being offered by the right person. 


There actually are free resources available and now, perhaps more than ever, is a great time to take advantage.   When distributing a press release you can submit it to websites that have tremendous reach; however, some of these cost money.  In the cases of Business Wire or PR Newswire, there is a cost, but the return is so great that it’s worth the investment.   But what if you want to submit your release to more websites and get even greater coverage?  This is when the free distribution sites become great tools for increasing coverage.


Three awesome free distribution sites for press releases:



Press Exposure:


24-7 Press Release: (Must create an account and log in)


Just remember: precision and attention to detail are imperative.  These websites are free, but the catch is that once you submit your press release, no revisions can be made.  It’s out there and it has your name on it.  Make sure you know how to write a strong press release, review the formatting and always double-check, triple-check and preview your release before submission. 


I’m not a big fan of cake, but if someone hands me pie, I’d like to eat it too.  JPress release