by Roberto Araujo

Last week our modern malware security client, FireEye, made the headlines in major media outlets, such as eWeek, The Register, The Associated Press, and The Wall Street Journal who covered the indictment of an infamous spam botnet operator.  In the tens of articles, it mentioned  FireEye’s contribution in taking down one of  the world’s largest botnets.

Last year, FireEye persuaded U.S. based ISPs to shut down command and control computers believed to be a part of the infamous Mega-D Botnet, which is said to be responsible for almost a third of the world’s spam.  Recently, the FBI  arrested Oleg Nikolaenko, a 23-year old from Russia, suspected of operating and profiting from Mega-D. This could not have happened without the support from FireEye, who last year participated by persuading U.S. based ISPs to shut down Mega-D’s command and control computers. Unfortunately, the botnet continued operating in spite of the intervention.

However, this time the spy novel style investigation may have come to an end.  Authorities feel they’ve caught the big fish and Mega-D has finally been put out of commission.

Here at LMGPR, we are very proud to work with a client that is not only featured in high-profile media outlets, but also proud that they provide expertise and support to authorities in solving high profile cases that impacts our lives.

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