bigpcFor years the advertising and marketing world has aimed to pinpoint the “secret sauce” the “ying and yang” and the “a ha” in products and services. Web marketing expert Seth Godin’s best-selling book Purple Cow is one of the best marketing books I’ve read in a long time. Purple Cow is about transforming your business by being remarkable. It’s short and to the point and directs businesses of all sizes how to find their inner cow. The book simply provides the fool proof way of kermitdetermining if you are a “Purple Cow” in the crowd of a herd of brown cows…or have potential. Companies that simply redesign a mouse trap are not Purple Cows…they are brown cows aiming to be Purple. Kermit said it wasn’t easy being green and being purple isn’t either. Purple cow producing herds are companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Sony. We’ve had the honor to work with smaller herds of purple cows innovators. To find out you have what it takes to sethgodinstand out in the herd…read Purple Cow.