(Image by purwaka seta from Pixabay.)

April 22nd is Earth Day, “an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection.”

Here at LMGPR, we are proud to team up with several companies who are on a mission to help clean up the environment not just on Earth Day, but EVERY day:

Arris: Manufacturing is wasteful. There are 200 million tons of municipal solid waste in landfills. Recognizing this path was not sustainable, Arris set out to clean up manufacturing. The company’s Additive Molding technology creates advanced carbon fiber materials that are stronger and lighter than metal and can be produced at the same efficiency as plastic-molded products. Additionally, Arris has developed a novel Specific Design method and software which designs with the end in mind for optimal performance, reduced waste, and maximum recyclability. It’s a sustainable path forward that will lessen manufacturing’s wasteful imprint on the Earth.

Damon Motors: Combustion engine motorcycles are a necessity for 1.5 billion people daily. As a result, motorcycling is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gasses. Damon Motors is meeting a growing demand for smaller, electric transportation options to reduce congestion, emissions and oil dependency with its 100% electric HyperSport motorcycles. Damon’s commitment to producing 100% electric personal mobility vehicles with unprecedented safety features has captured the imagination of motorcyclists worldwide looking for safer, smarter and greener riding alternatives.

Monarch Tractor: Monarch Tractor is driving the future for cleaner, greener and more sustainable farming with its fully electric tractor platform. Annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture production are estimated between 5.0 – 5.8 gigatons of CO2 equivalent per year. The average diesel tractor alone produces roughly 17 times the CO2 emissions as the average car. Monarch Tractor is 100% electric and has zero tailpipe emissions. Monarch’s fully electric tractor helps eliminate the 35 percent of carbon emissions developed by current diesel tractors used in agriculture farming. Monarch projections suggest its tractor can directly reduce 1% of GHG emissions, while regenerative practices enabled by Monarch can reduce 4% of GHG emissions.

Verdigris: Building energy waste contributes more CO2 pollution than any other sector of our economy. In the US alone, commercial and industrial buildings throw away more than $200B each year in un-needed energy costs. Verdigris’ software helps to end this. Verdigris immediately helps its customers and the marketplace lower operational expenses by optimizing energy spend and automating load shedding during peak times using situationally aware and connected AI to reduce demand charges. Verdigris also helps customers meet mandates for energy reduction and achieve carbon reduction goals. With Verdigris, customers have reduced their energy spend by 20-50%. What Verdigris has developed will help the next generation improve building energy efficiency and decrease carbon pollution.

Wrightspeed: Urban transportation vehicles such as buses, trash, construction and delivery trucks are among the world’s great polluters. Wrightspeed is addressing this global problem with its electric vehicle and range-extended EV solutions. Traditional medium- and heavy-duty trucks comprise only 4 percent of the total on-road vehicles, while producing 30 percent of on-road emissions and consuming 26 percent of the fuel. Wrightspeed can displace conventional diesel engine vehicles, creating the next generation of electric commercial fleets. Wrightspeed was named a World Economic Forum “Technology Pioneer” for its innovation in reducing fuel consumption, emissions, noise pollution, and maintenance costs.

We’re proud to partner with these pioneering companies who are enabling the adoption of sustainable practices and applaud them for their ongoing efforts and commitment to a greener tomorrow.