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This year marks the 16th anniversary of the E3 Expo. It’s hard to believe, but E3 is a teenager now. This week, the red carpet of the gaming industry converges at E3, (June 15-17) which attracts approximately 45,000 attendees. The big boys of the gaming industry — including Nintendo, Sony, Sega and even Microsoft — embark on promoting their catalog of games. You’ve all seen the dog playing poker photos, well this is the event where the big dogs come together, collaborate, negotiate and partner.   This isn’t a show where gamers and the general public can walk the floor and collect freebies in a tote bag, it’s the who’s who of the gaming industry and a dynasty that rivals the opening bell of the stock market. In fact, the games introduced at E3 will likely push the economy forward.  It’s as hot as fashion week in NYC in the fall.

At Vatorsplash Spring, we met the founders of MYeGamer:

MYeGamer is a community site for the game fanatic who wants to collaborate, meet up and share gaming expertise. MYeGamer is the source.  When we met the founders, Jordan Trabue and Andrew Littlewood last spring, they had us at hello.  Our friends at MYeGamer play about 150 hours of games a week. Their service will provide competitive and novice gamers a one-stop portal for news, education and meeting up with gamers. If was designed for connecting singles, MYeGamer was designed to connect to avid gamers.

They are avid gamers, they understand the urge to log on, play highly interactive games at a global level.  They understand that although major gaming companies will create games for revenue, the diehard gamer plays for the passion, excitement and satisfaction.  They are avid players of Halo, Starcraft, Call of Duty and social media games like Farmville, and Mafia Wars.

The E3 2010 Gamers choice awards based on the most votes can be seen here. The highest rated game is Star Wars: The Old Republic, followed by Halo Reach and StarCraft II. The top ten games can be found here.  The top games continue to be the top games because gamers like them. They are stealth, fun and competitive.

We applaud MYeGamer. They’re helping make sense of the gaming industry and they’re experts at what’s hot and what’s not at a global level. Whatever your game of choice, we like to think that MYeGamer is the one-stop shop for gamers to meet, greet and play!