Have you ever read a press release that had your eyes glazing over and your mind elsewhere by the end of the first paragraph? Unfortunately, we all have, and we can blame overused buzzwords and marketing speak for these literary travesties.

I recently read an interesting article on Adam Sherk called “The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases” that called out the worst of these overused terms. We see these words so much they have virtually lost their meaning and effectiveness. So next time you settle in to create a press release, expecting to inspire the industry and motivate journalists everywhere to write an article, keep these words in mind, but off the paper.

So here are the 15 most overused buzzwords and marketing speak in press releases, based on the number of times they appear in releases currently archived on PRWeb. Check out Adam Sherk to see the full list of 86 words.

Which words are you tired of hearing?

  1. Leader (161,000 mentions)
  2. Leading (44,900 mentions)
  3. Best (43,000 mentions)
  4. Top (32,500 mentions)
  5. Unique (30,400 mentions)
  6. Great (28,600 mentions)
  7. Solution (22,600 mentions)
  8. Largest (21,900 mentions)
  9. Innovative (21,800 mentions)
  10. Innovator (21,400 mentions)
  11. Award winning (11,800 mentions)
  12. Exclusive (11,000 mentions)
  13. Premier (10,700 mentions)
  14. Extensive (10,500 mentions)
  15. Leading provider (10,100 mentions)