Everybody wants a cleaner planet.

Divergent Microfactories is one of the few companies actually doing something about it.


The company recently unveiled “Blade,” the world’s first 3D-printed supercar.

Most people don’t know that the carbon footprint of building a car, regardless of whether it’s electric or not, is worse than the car emissions itself. Blade, however, was built from Divergent’s proprietary manufacturing platform that incorporates 3D printing to radically reduce the pollution and production costs of traditional manufacturing. See Blade’s chassis being built here:

Divergent Microgfactories is the brainchild of Kevin Czinger, an early pioneer in the electric vehicle market who designed, built and certified one of the first all-electric automobiles. During this time, Kevin learned that manufacturing cars is a far bigger environmental problem than fueling them.

Kevin Blade

Fast forward to 2015 and Kevin has created the first 3D-printed supercar. Hand-built and manufactured in a “microfactory”, the prototype Blade weighs 1,500 lb. vs 4,700 lb. (Tesla), accelerates faster than a McLaren P1 supercar, and emits 50% of the lifecycle emissions of a standard car.

You can watch Kevin’s official unveiling of Blade here:

Blade has received worldwide acclaim and has been featured in top-tier media outlets including USA Today, BBC, Reuters, Time, and Forbes, to name a few.

Blade 1

It’s not everyday that potentially planet-changing innovation is introduced. Blade is driving the future of auto manufacturing and we at LMGPR are excited to be along for the ride.